Who We Are:

Wenzuo was founded at the end of May in 2018 by Robert Yang, a digital communications practitioner, who began their career at the start of a fertile period of San Francisco's second wave tech and innovation period beginning in 2005.

文 (wén) - culture
佐 (zuò) - to assist

Our organization strives to provide the tools and resources to help organizations navigate and simplify the complex and tedious process of launching campaigns and promotions for a publisher's offerings, goods and services.

We focus on educational and training objectives, helping organizations and team members develop know-how and scale infrastructure for dedicated communication systems within the digital realm.

We work with budgets of all sizes and offer ad-hoc, sliding-scale marketing expertise for non-profits as well.

What We Offer:

Wenzuo, is a design hub for digital communication activities. We can serve as intermediary campaign and channel managers as organizations build team infrastructure to support tactical and technical marketing applications.

Our hub is designed to also serve as a community resource for queer marginal folks.

Why We Do It:

We take decades of experience to reinvest and give back to the community that supports and nurtures us.

We help others build tools to be more productive in whatever field they choose to carve out and slay in their own lane.

We provide insights that shape communication practice for entire organizations.

With Wenzuo we are more than a consultancy. We challenge patterns of perception and break molds.

If anything piques your interest feel free to reach out.

Robert's personal references are available upon request and recommendations of their expertise are available on LinkedIn.